The Official Miss Gay Louisiana America Pageant

M a y b e l l i n e   M a s k a r a
Miss Gay Louisiana America 2011

M a y b e l l i n e   M a s k a r a
Miss Gay Louisiana America 2011

 Maybelline's Mirror

Maybelline's February Mirror
Hello, and I do hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather and festive carnival season.  Things are in full swing in the city of New Orleans with carnival krewe balls happening each weekend.  I had the pleasure of attending Apollo in Baton Rouge and seeing many of you...and then on to Amon Ra and parading in costume...then a benefit number for Petronius. I am making efforts to insure that I take every opportunity to promote this pageantry system as best as I can. I have truly enjoyed this carnival season and am looking forward to much, much more.

It won't be long until competition season has begun.  It is important that we welcome everyone into this pageantry system.... be it competitor or new sponsor.  We should all keep an open mind and invite everyone to join in.    I hope that you are beginning to get your packets in order.  Once again, I suggest that you view the criteria for each area of judging and build your packet on this information.  It is truly important to remember that your talent presentation has to be appealing to all ages.  Take note that it is not offensive in any manner to anyone....this is very important as you travel on to state and national competitions.  I would suggest that you make every effort to create something new that fits your personality.  Just because you like something that you have seen done by another person does not mean that this program will fit you.  Originality is a large segment of the scoring.  Start your rehearsals early and get your ideas that you feel comfortable and prepared for the unexpected.

Prior to making a selection of the gown for evening wear, I would suggest taking several photos of yourself in varying styles of gowns.  In this manner you can select the style that best fits your body type.   Again, just because something looked good on someone does not mean that this style will be appealing on you.  If you will read the info concerning the judging criteria, keep in mind that you want to have the look of a "true" lady.  Hide those broad shoulders if necessary...and make certain the length of sleeve and gown are exactly as described in the judging format.  These are extra points that can add up to make you the winner.

I am hoping that the prelim schedule will soon be posted.  Information concerning the judging criteria can be found under the Ms. Gay America web-site.  There is a handbook provided for Ms. Gay America.  I would suggest that you read over this information.  It can add many points to your overall rating...if you just take the time to follow their suggestion.  Good luck to everyone as you make your preparations.  If I can be of service to anyone, please let me know.  I hope that each of you will be on your best behavior as we begin this season of competition. Remember that we won
the national title for
"Best Comradery"
amongst all of us last year!
Happy Carnival and happy illusion!

Maybelline Maskara
Ms. Gay Louisiana America 2011




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